Welcome: What are We Doin’ Here?

Aloha All,

So, welcome to my new blog. ¬†You’re open heart and mind are appreciated. I’m endeavoring to put some of my life out here, hoping my perspective may be helpful. I want to foster connection with a community of people in my life. The words and ideas here are written with passion and authenticity which seem to be key ingredients in connecting. I can’t guarantee they’ll be typo free or polished, but you can be assured they originate from my core.

I make no claim to having anything fully figured out. You, as an audience are free to pick what I write apart, use it, laugh at it (I assure you I’ll be laughing too). This isn’t a guide, or ‘the‘ way to do anything. If you’d like to be a part of the conversation I simply ask you to sign-up via the ‘contact’ section. After you do, your name will pull to your comments. Because this is such a wonderful medium allowing ideas to spread far-and-wide, I want to make sure those participating in any conversation are willing to do so with their name.

In the coming weeks I’ll be sharing some elements of my life which are amazing, some not-so-amazing, and some, frankly, totally confusing. I’m using my life rather than theory as the bedrock for my ideas. By eating my own dog food, I can tell you where some of the abstractions meet the road.

There it is, under 300 words of ‘coming soon.’ I’m excited for what’s to come and look forward to sharing some life with y’all.

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