The Corner of My Eye is Blind

So, in a bit of rare form I watched a message with a spiritual point. A former boss Jeremiah posted something about not giving up and to keep fighting when you feel defeated. I watched as an overly energetic youth pastor gave a message. The message was well and fine summarized “you are stronger, and bigger than anything if you have Jesus.”

I was browsing the home site of that video. And I watched the following

The message in the video is that even when you feel like giving up, and it may not matter if you do, there is a voice (in the video it was a literal voice) of someone that says you can do it, only a little further, only a little harder, keep going.

That message rang more truth to me that I’m wiling to admit. I’ve strolled through life like the little things are my pre-match. I’m learning now that they weren’t. (yet another blog) But, when I’m tired, and can’t seem to see past the minutia I’ve been giving up. I almost get there and then stop.

This cycle for me works around depression, anxiety, stress, self consciousness. Hmmm. I’m seeing the pattern. I’m thinking the upcoming change of context would be a great time to make the change and take off the blinders. The matches I’m in may be practice or for the bestest sport cup, plate, jar (Really what is it with sports? Do we really need a cup, why not  a super duper sports card that gets you 10% for life at GNC or something?). I think part of life is sometimes the mystery of why you’re trying so hard now is worth it.

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