It’s hard to say

I recently broke the news that Hawaii is not going to be home much longer. For some of the people here I felt like I was letting them down. Like I couldn’t stick it out here. I still don’t feel like I was integral to much after almost 5 years, but as bad as it sounds, I hope I’m genuinely missed. I guess I need the confirmation that I had an impact here.

Anyway, I’m excited at the possibilities and terrified at the risks all at the same time. Moving for me is difficult. At this point I’m headed back home (Walla Walla, WA) but part of me wants to explore more. Financially that isn’t the responsible thing to do, but I’m still partially tempted to do it anyway.

Leaving Hawaii is something I know I need to do. The growth and development opportunities on island are difficult to find. Further, the wages here are not even close to mainland market value. I thought I’d have the opportunity to grow and the realization that I’m stuck, with a lack of development potential, and earnings potential coupled with some words of advice really drove me to open my mind to other opportunities.

In a brief conversation with friends last night I was told I was starting to see Hawaii through ‘graduation goggles’. Seeing all the things I was going to miss. Namely my friends. But, sunsets, the natural beauty, the community and just the life I created here. There are a lot of amazing reasons that Hawaii is special to me. I feel like I’ve come into my own a bit and learned so much from amazing people.

The next stage for me is seeing if I can take what I’ve learned and take how I’ve changed and do good with it in a whole new context.

Being honest, I’m scared at this change and the risks involved. But, I’m also excited.

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